A Bread Bin is the best thing since sliced bread!

We bring you the best prices for stylish bread bins from major UK stores.

We have an impressive range of wooden, stainless steel and traditional bread bins in various sizes and styles. 

A cheap bin will cost less than £20 but you can expect to pay much more for a top quality melamine, enamel or ceramic product.

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All the most popular styles of bread bin are featured here including modern, retro, vintage, farmhouse, contemporary and Shabby Chic. You'll also find all the most popular shapes including round, oval, square, dome and rectangular.

A bread bin is a great way to keep your bread from drying out and becoming stale and mouldy, whether its homemade or store bought.

The traditional accessories really can save you money as you won't be throwing away bread that's gone past its best more quickly than if it had been kept in a bread bin.

Bread and cereals are probably the most popular types of food for breakfast in the UK - toast is a real life-saver in many families as kids dash off to school and parent head out to work.

People all over the world start their day with some kind of a bread, either in the form of toast or a more elaborate sandwich, muffin or bagel.

So it really makes sense to have a suitable receptacle to keep your bread in - it is the ideal place to keep all your bread, pastries, pancakes, muffins and wraps.

As the name suggests, bread bins are traditional and practical kitchen accessories that are used to store bread and keep it as fresh as possible.

These bins - also referred to as bread boxes or bread crocks - are not used just for preserving bread, but one can also store bagels, muffins, rolls, crackers, cakes and pastries.

Small to medium size bread bins are usually designed to hold one or two loaves. Larger bread boxes are also available to buy if you are a bigger family with more mouths to feed.

Some people like the idea of a bin with a removable lid on the top and other like the convenience of a sliding door at the front of the bin - whatever your preference you'll find both styles available here.

These handy bins are available in huge range of colour including black, white, red, blue, yellow, cream, beige, brown, pink, purple and green - so you won't have a problem finding one that matches the other accessories in your kitchen.

Always try to buy a bin that has a good reputation for being reasonably airtight to keep your bread fresh for longer.

You'll be surprised how many types of bread and baked food you eventually cram into your bread bin - so it's often wise to buy a large bin if you can accommodate one in your kitchen.
Bins with a transparent lid or frontage are a great idea if you want to see at a glance exactly what's inside - this is handy for people who like stores all sorts of produce in their a bread bin.

There was a time when every household would have a bread bin as people either baked their own or bought it from a local baker - but as more preservatives were added to the bread and it started being sold in plastic bags the need for a bread bin diminished. 

However, many people are once again discovering just how practical and stylish a bread bin can be. 

Home baking is re-gaining popularity now that electric bread makers are prolific and affordable and many people are rejecting bland additive filled bread in favour or tasty fresh baked loaves. 

But even if your family do favour white sliced bread, a bread bin, like those for sale here, is a really useful way of storing something that is otherwise unsightly, making the kitchen look clutter free.

There are multiple designs of bread bin on the market but they should all be designed on the basic principle of being sealed enough to keep out mice and other pests but not be airtight, as it is good air circulation that prevents condensation which in turn prevents the growth of mould on the bread (moisture is essential to the growth of bacteria and moulds).

The most popular materials for bread bins are ceramic and stainless steel, although some people like the traditional farmhouse appeal of a wooden bin made from oak, acacia, beech, rubber wood or teak.

Ceramic, stoneware or pottery bread bins are extremely popular and most bakers would advise that they are the best option for keeping bread at the right level of humidity. In general they also not only look better but have much greater longevity and will fit with any kitchen re-fit. 

However, stainless steel will give a very contemporary look, just remember that to keep it looking it's best you will need to keep it shiny.

Enamel and acrylic bread boxes are also a popular choice of material.

Often bread bins are cylindrical with a roll top lid but recently more designers have realised that this is not the most practical shape. Thus there are some great, sleek rectangular bread bins with fold down lids available which have the obvious advantage of not only storing things in but storing things on.

A classic, rustic look is very contemporary and this is reflected in the array of larger, higher box style bins made in retro styling. These boxes have a removeable lid which is really practical when it comes to cleaning too as sometimes roll top lids can be awkward to get fully clean.

There are also now a selection of ceramic bread bins with wooden lids that double as a bread board, which is undoubtedly a fabulously convenient idea.

A handy alternative to a bread bin is an acrylic expanding bread box which is perfect for keeping small and large loaves fresh. Some of these also come with a handy bread slicing device which offers a guide for slicing bread in various widths.

Bread bins are available in many colours including white, brown, black, pink, red, green, yellow, purple, blue, beige and cream - so there's something to blend in with any kitchen colour scheme.

Roll top and lid bins are the most popular choices but another option is a bin with a wooden drop front door which opens down to kitchen worktop level to allow access to your bread.

Most bread bins have a single area for storing your produce, but double deckers options are also available to buy and these are great for families or for use in restaurants in pubs and hotels. It's also possible to buy a built-in bin which can be hidden away inside a kitchen unit with a supplied wall mounted bracket.

Consider your family's usage when choosing a bread bin. Remember that it will most probably be expected to hold more than just a loaf of bread - doughnuts, bagels, muffins, paninis, crackers, crackerbread, fairy cakes, hot cross buns,croissants, pastries, bread rolls and other perishable products all need storing too. 

The larger your household the more items it will need to hold and there is no point in having a bread bin too small that will simply overflow.

If you like your bread to keep fresh and taste its best for longer then a bread bin is a necessity in any kitchen. 
Make sure you buy one that will hold all you need it to and that you adore the look of. 

Size and aesthetics are equally important when you bear in mind that it will be on show constantly in the average kitchen, so make it a focal point for all the right reasons.

A bread bring bin is a fantasic accessory to have in your kitchen - it really is the best thing since sliced bread! 

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